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The reason for the slippage of the conveyor belt and the introduction of adjustment methods

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There are many reasons why the conveyor belt may slip during operation. The common causes and solutions are:
1. The initial tension is too small. If the tension of the belt leaving the drum is insufficient, the belt will slip. This situation usually occurs at startup. The solution is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension.
2. The friction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt is not enough to cause slippage. The main reason for rejection is water or humid environment on the conveyor belt. The solution is to add rosin powder in the bucket. However, do not add it by hand, but use a blowing device to blow in to prevent personal injury.
3. The rear roller bearing is damaged and cannot rotate, or the upper and lower roller bearings are damaged too much. The cause of the damage is that the tail floats too much, and the damaged or inflexible parts cannot be repaired or replaced in time, resulting in increased resistance and slipping.
4. If the startup speed is too fast, it may slip. At this point, you can start to slow down. With a squirrel cage, you can start after two jogging and can even effectively overcome slipping.

5. If the load on the conveyor belt is too heavy, it will slip when the capacity is exceeded. The advantage of skidding at this time is to protect electricity. Otherwise, electricity will burn for a long time. However, in operation, this was an accident. In order to overcome the slip of the conveyor belt, the cause of the slip must be found first, and then effective measures can be taken.