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How to install stainless steel mesh belt on the mesh belt conveyor

The stainless steel mesh belt is a conveyor belt used to convey materials and is an important part of the mesh belt conveyor. In order to make the conveyor a good production technology, it is important to install the conveyor belt correctly.
The correct docking method of the stainless steel mesh belt makes the metal conveyor belt flat, and enters sequentially from the first level of the equipment, so that the middle distance between the chain and the sprocket on both sides is straightened. After that, when connecting the mesh belt, you must first ensure that the mesh cables are pulled in one by one. If they do not deviate, the force of the stainless steel mesh belt will become uneven. Then carry out chain docking: Chain docking must ensure that it is synchronized with the network. Next, putting the host docking station to the host docking station is a healthy step, you must ensure that the track is seamlessly flat to the docking station. Can not produce up, down, left and right offset.

The straightening and docking of the mesh belt conveyor is a straight line. After being vertical, there are welding and fastening bolts. The contact flatness of the guide rail is the key point related to the level and noise of the mesh belt conveyor. It is firm, Without bumps, the overall anchoring of the conveyor is leveled, and the entire machine
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