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Balanced Spiral Woven Conveyor Belts Manufacturers

Balanced Spiral Woven Conveyor Belts can be offered for you at reasonable price from Our factory. Welcome wholesale Balanced Spiral Woven Conveyor Belts to Yangzhou Quanda Metal Mesh Belt Co., Ltd. which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are high quailty and in stock, If you need, we will provide you with affordable quotation and customized service.
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  • The Balance weave conveyor belts has a large mesh, strong weave, and can withstand a certain load. The spiral strip is usually wound with the same specification. Application: heat treatment, annealing of mechanical parts, drying of food industry, treatment of leather and asbestos products. The characteristics of the balanced mesh belt: This mesh belt is formed by connecting left and right spiral wire rods and a string of rods. The mesh belt is convenient to splice, weave firmly, is not easy to deform, and is convenient for maintenance. The balanced woven mesh belt concentrates the various advantages of the metal woven mesh belt. Because of the deep-bending string, the spiral wire rods can be correctly positioned, and therefore, the deformation and extension of the mesh belt are minimized.

  • Technical characteristics of chain conveyor belt: A chain conveyor belt driven by a chain is usually driven by a chain to drive a small shaft and then make the mesh belt run. The mesh belt is made of crimped cords, left and right meshes, and connected by large and small meshes.