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Flat Wire Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Flat Wire Conveyor Belt can be offered for you at reasonable price from Our factory. Welcome wholesale Flat Wire Conveyor Belt to Yangzhou Quanda Metal Mesh Belt Co., Ltd. which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are high quailty and in stock, If you need, we will provide you with affordable quotation and customized service.
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  • Supply product name: Flat steel wire belt Product description: The slatted plate chain is processed into a lattice shape, and is connected and fixed by a straight bone. The product looks like the Great Wall, and is usually called the Great Wall mesh belt in the industry. Model: customized, non-standard product

  • Honeycomb conveyor belt is short for horseshoe chain mesh belt, also known as horseshoe chain mesh, because the mesh belt looks like a horseshoe and is trapezoidal. It is also called the Great Wall mesh belt, plate mesh belt, sheet metal mesh belt and trailer belt.

  • Stainless steel Great Wall mesh belt, also known as: Honeycomb Belt, Great Wall mesh belt, horseshoe chain, plate mesh belt, sheet metal mesh belt, tow belt; Honeycomb Belt Application: It is widely used in conveyor lines for washing, drying, cooling and heat treatment, food bread lines, spiral tower conveying in refrigeration machinery, spraying, cleaning machinery and heavy-duty conveying machinery;

  • Product name: Great Wall Mesh Belt, Horseshoe Mesh Chain Product description: The slats are processed into a lattice shape, and are connected and fixed by straight bones. Product model: customized, non-standard product Application range: two-piece tank cleaning, drying, river cleaning, drying of automobile exhaust catalyst, heat treatment, etc.