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Perforated Plate Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Perforated Plate Conveyor Belt can be offered for you at reasonable price from Our factory. Welcome wholesale Perforated Plate Conveyor Belt to Yangzhou Quanda Metal Mesh Belt Co., Ltd. which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are high quailty and in stock, If you need, we will provide you with affordable quotation and customized service.
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  • =Features of plate mesh belt: The plate mesh belt has light weight, large mesh gap, smooth mesh surface, stable operation and no deviation. The structure of the plate mesh belt: The plate mesh belt is made of stainless steel slats, then perforated holes, connected by a shaft with a diameter greater than 3mm. The use of plate mesh belt: It can be used as a conveyor line for cleaning, drying, cooling and heat treatment. Mainly used for food freezing, dehydration, drying, etc.

  • product name:Stainless steel plate conveyor belt​ Place of Origin: Yangzhou, China Brand: Quanda Features of Stainless steel plate conveyor belt: 1. Acid, alkali and high temperature resistance; the metal conveyor belt net runs stably, and the belt is easy to clean. 2. It has good conveying function, fracture resistance and oxidation resistance. 3. Professional design and compact form, easy to install and run smoothly without deformation.

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