Metal Mesh Belt

Metal mesh belts are non-standard parts. We will calculate the cost and production according to the specifications you provide, such as length and width, material, wire diameter, compilation structure size, fulcrum diameter, fulcrum spacing, chain model and other data.
Introduction of metal mesh belt:

The metal stainless steel metal mesh belt is a conveyor mesh belt driven by a chain. Generally, the chain drives a small shaft and then drives the mesh belt to run. The mesh belts are made of crimped threaded strings, left and right meshes, and connected with large and small meshes. The small shaft is inserted into the large mesh, and the two ends of the small shaft are inserted into the chain hole, so as to achieve the chain drive and convey the mesh belt. Chain network transmission is stable, and the transmission torque is small

Metal mesh belts  Metal mesh belts
The characteristics of metal mesh belt:
This kind of chain-rod mesh belt adopts chain transmission, which is suitable for large and heavy conveying. Its movement is stable, the force is large, the mesh surface is relatively small, and it can protect the conveying mesh surface. The cost is more expensive, but the service life is long. . Large opening or small opening mesh; temperature range minus 55 degrees Celsius to 1150 degrees Celsius; edge baffle and horizontal baffle.

The material of the metal mesh belt:
The materials are A3 low carbon steel, 45# steel, 1Cr13 heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, 0Cr18Ni14NO2CU2 heat-resistant and acid-resistant steel, etc.

Application of metal mesh belt:

It is widely used in the annealing furnace mesh belt and baking furnace mesh belt in the glass products industry. Food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen food single freezer pre-processing mesh belt, chain mesh. Powder metallurgy, metal heat treatment, quenching, sintering, brazing, roasting, bright, blackening, bearings, carburizing high-temperature furnace mesh belt, baffle mesh belt, coating drying line conveyor mesh belt, foam nickel reduction production line mesh belt , Washing machine, hoist, dryer, dryer, curing oven mesh belt.


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