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  • Metal mesh belt, can reduce the labor, the application of machine work to replace the labor to complete the transmission of goods, can significantly improve the efficiency of consumption.


  • Chain mesh belt with smooth surface, uniform through the hole, standard chain transmission, smooth running, no deviation phenomenon, load capacity and tensile strength, easy cleaning, easy maintenance and other advantages.


  • High temperature mesh belt as the name implies because this kind of mesh belt can withstand the highest temperature called high temperature mesh belt, the material is mainly 304 and 2520 these two kinds. This kind of net belt is mainly used in metal annealing furnace, with chains on both sides, chain plate and also without, various pitch.


  • According to the name: stainless steel mesh belt, stainless steel conveyor belt, stainless steel metal conveyor belt, stainless steel metal mesh belt, stainless steel metal conveyor belt, stainless steel transmission belt, stainless steel metal transmission belt, metal spiral mesh belt, metal turning mesh belt.


  • Metal mesh belts are non-standard parts. We will calculate the cost and production according to the specifications you provide, such as length and width, material, wire diameter, compilation structure size, fulcrum diameter, fulcrum spacing, chain model and other data.


  • Metal mesh belt is the use of static friction method, friction driven continuous way to achieve the purpose of transporting materials a conveyor belt, can do metal and engineering plastic material, both sides can do the chain or direct mesh belt conveyor structure. Metal mesh belt conveyor chains of various strengths have a series of different chain pitch: The smaller chain pitch depends on the strength required by the sprocket teeth, while the larger chain pitch is usually determined by the rigidity of the chain plate and the general chain. If necessary, the larger chain pitch can be exceeded by strengthening the sleeve between the chain plates, but must be left in the teeth to clear the sleeve gap.