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  • Product name: Screen Material: Stainless steel Place of Origin: Yangzhou, China Brand: quanda Features of metal screen: 1. Weaving precision; 2. Mesh rules; 3. Reliable filtration accuracy; 4. High compressive strength; 5. High temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance; 6. Good wear resistance; 7. Good formability.

  • Barbecue net rectangular shape barbecue baking grid metal wire suitable for outdoor barbecue camping Material metal shape rectangular color silver weight 180 g The size is about 30 x 26 cm / 11.81 * 10.24 inches. Can also be customized in batches. The rectangular shape uses a square hole design. It is convenient to store and clean after grilling. It is widely used for barbecued food such as metal, potatoes, corn and other household picnics or outdoor cooking.

  • Quanda is your reliable manufacturer of screw conveyor belts in food processing and transportation.The flat spiral conveyor belt produced by Quanda Mesh Belt is composed of a series of alternating single-spiral or double-spiral metal wires. These metal wires can be round and flat, or crimped or straight bars can be added. And the alternate structure effectively reduces downtime. Therefore, the spiral conveyor belt is an economical choice, which can provide a flat loading surface for small products or easily broken products.

  • Rod reinforced wire conveyor belt overview: The double-rod reinforced wire conveyor belt is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, chromium iron aluminum wire, nickel chromium wire or other alloys. Quanda provides high-quality stainless steel ribbons and net chains including 201,304,316,316L.

  • Product name: Clinch edge type mesh belt Place of Origin: Yangzhou, China Brand: quanda Clinch edge type mesh belt features: 1) Mainly used for sintering furnace in powder metallurgy industry. 2) The wire has a wide diameter and may carry heavy objects. 3) The wire is heat resistant; the belt may be our high temperature 4) Because the surface is flat and smooth, the belt can carry small items and unstable products;

  • Name: Mesh belt for powder metallurgy industry Place of Origin: Yangzhou, China Brand: quanda The Mesh belt for powder metallurgy industry is a hinged metal frame that can act as a continuous conveyor belt for different materials at high, medium or low temperatures in the presence of any type of working environment or atmosphere. The belt is made of flat or circular cross-wire spirals, and is connected or interconnected in the same direction by straight rods or wave-shaped rods. According to the required design, the edges of the finished belt are welded or bonded by various methods.